torstai 27. syyskuuta 2012

A journey's end at hand

Excited. Frustrated. Anxious. One cycles through a variety of feelings when preparing for a studio session. It doesn't matter whether it's the first time or the 21st time, the rollercoaster ride is always there.

Finally, we are undergoing those feelings again. We shall enter the studio in the beginning of October to record the fourth Noumena album.

It has been a long journey this far. Friends of Noumena may have thought "what happened to these guys". Well, it's hard to keep the pace up all the time as there are things changing in our lives. We wrote new music, rehearsed and recorded, but the response from the labels wasn't what we expected. So, it took time to make the decision to push forward nevertheless.

It has been a long journey in another sense, too. We have been rehearsing the last four weeks pretty hard. On weekends together and during weekdays individually. Digital recorders are quite handy nowadays, so there's lots of rehearsal material we have used to help pondering arrangements and details. Some tracks needed more grinding than others, but we decided to take all the time we need to forge these metal chunks into desired shape.

The Cleaning Stuba

In studio the equation is straightforward: TIME = MONEY. This is why we had to drop a couple of songs in the rehearsal phase (i.e. decide the tracks on the album before recording them). We have to arrange the music, refine all the details and make sure we can play the blues even in our sleep. When everybody knows what to do when the red light shines, things will proceed smoothly. But of course, there has to be some room for intuition, inspiration and insanity (and mandolin)!

"Do we really sound this bad?"

Suvi and Andy digging deep into Spanish pronunciation.

The songs we are going to tame have been written during last 2-3 years. Some of them are more or less brand new, some of them oldies but goldies. There will be plenty of new elements in these songs, but you will recognise the band playing on the album.

There's one weekend left to perfect the songs. We are feeling good and confident. Stay tuned!

Sincerely Yours,
Hannu and other Noumena fellows

Ps. You are eager to hear some clips or teasers of new material, aren't you? I just uploaded one video to Youtube. You might find it interesting. Remember: we take our music somewhat seriously, but we don't take ourselves.

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  1. Tsemppiä studioon. Oon tullut siihen tulokseen, että pieni ahdistus kuuluu asiaan studioon mennessä. Jos olisi liian valmistautunut, tulos olisi varmaan kliinistä paskaa :) Onneksi sellaista virhettä ei ole vielä tapahtunut...


    1. Joo, ilman luomisen ja soittamisen tuskaa ei ole mitään! Kiitos tsemppauksista.

  2. Hi there!

    Great to hear that I can look forward to a new album again! And with regards to the note about the reaction from the studio not being as you expected, have you considered crowd funding? It worked for the band Severed Fifth who apparently financed their studio recording via donations:

    I would love a way of donating directly ala kickstarter etc.

    1. I think that crowd funding will be used more and more in the future, because the possibilities and will to release music by yourselves are increasing all the time. We considered that option, but we found a way to do the trick. It's called "The artist pays" -method ;) But maybe after the forthcoming album we could try some crowd surfing!

  3. If you need help with spanish, just tell me ;D
    Cheers and good luck with the new stuff, we are eager to taste it!