torstai 18. lokakuuta 2012

Mandolin Madness and Growling Tom (10.-14.10.)

As soon as the guitar parts were on tape, Ville, our artistic leader, took the wheel and steered the studio session into eerie and bizarre direction. The following days were full of exceptional instruments, ideas, voices, growls and other weird shit. First, he decided to replace all guitars with mandolin. Luckily, we managed to restore most of the guitar parts. After this mandolin madness, Ville began to "produce" Andy's growling and turned him into what some people call "Tom Waits of Finland". This resulted in strange brawling and growling which amazed even Andy himself. Then Ville wanted to sing a couple of songs instead of Suvi. It sounded... interesting. Thank metal gods that we shall mix the album in November, so we can erase some of Ville's vocal delivery.

Besides all this fuss and disorder, Andy did great job with the vocals. He's a world class growler and even better and diverse than on earlier albums. Spine-chilling and scary moments ahead! Ville added some fuel to the fire with his backing vocals. Impressive job, I must say.

Ville's weapon of choice: Mandolin.

Fuck Angry Birds... Here's Angry Andy!

Hannu (on left): "Sing well." Tuukka: "That's right."

On Saturday, the 13th day of recording, Hannu and our friend Matt Massmurder decided to join the dynamic vocal duo in order to end the session properly (boozing). Some strange but important instruments were recorded (soldier helmet, tambourine etc.). A couple of songs needed a good old fashioned mob singing. No problem, the Buzzsaw quartet did the job willingly and mercilessly.

WWII helmet is made for beating. Just like a bass guitar.

After the hard day of labour it was time to cook some decent supper and sip a couple of drinks. Hannu and Matti wanted to show their respect to Tom Waits of Finland and Laughing Lenny of Suvela and prepared Osso Bucco with Risotto Milanese. Delicious, once again!

Eat all this and you'll look like Hannu.

Antti the Photobomber.

The Last Supper: Osso Bucco and Risotto Milanese.

On Sunday, there were only some hangover to suffer and some editing to do. The studio session at D-Studio was about to end. During two weeks everything went pretty smoothly and it was great to record awesome songs with no rush. If you have to burn the midnight oil all the time in studio, the result will be mediocre at best. This time, no hassle at all, thanks to good preparing, sadistic rehearsing and good engineering by Jarno Hänninen and Markus Salo.

But, we're not there yet! Suvi will record her parts in Jyväskylä this Friday and after that all instruments and vocals are on tape. We shall return to D-Studio in late November to mix the album. In the meantime, we have lots to do with album layout, promo photo shoots and negotiating about the album release. Next week, we shall play a gig in Helsinki (Bar Loose 26.10.) and perform a couple on new songs. Stay tuned! Noumena Blog will be updated every once and a while.

- Hannu

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  1. Hey Guys! Nice to hear that the album is almost ready;) I hope it will be full with Noumena-style, riffs;) Cheers from Hungary, Zoli