perjantai 5. lokakuuta 2012

Operation Zombaiaa, Day 5

-What the hell was that? Did you see it? Can you still hear it breathing? 

-I think I saw something horrible moving behind the corner. It looked almost... almost like a human, but it definitely wasn't one. We need to get the fuck out of here, fast.

-The passage behind us is blocked, that is the only way out. See that pile over there? I think it left something behind. Could you go closer and check it out?

-It seems to be only a Handful of Dust, nothing more. Do I really need to put my ass on the line here? I'd rather stay here and wait until it's gone for sure.

-Of course you can sit here and Play Dead for all night, but I for one wouldn't like to Sleep here unless absolutely necessary. We'll be Dead and Buried soon anyway, no matter what. Do you want to spend your final moments here looking back at your miserable life, waiting for them to come and rip your guts out?

-No fucking way. I want to get home, drink some wine, Let It Run Red until I pass out and forget everything about this damn operation.

-Then let's move forward. Try to be quiet, Only the Silent Survive.

-This passage looks empty, I think the thing's already gone. Follow me.

-Did you hear that, I think it's The Storm pounding outside! We must be near the exit.

-Yes I heard, wait, what is that? Oh my, oh my jesus fucking christ, did you see that! Can you hear it, can you feel it! It's some sort of a figure moving fast back and forth, it's penetrating into my mind, it's... I can't help it, it's like all Mysteries of Motion, in one entity, in one character.

-I can't fucking see it, it must be something Beyond Perception. But I can definitely feel its presence. I‘ll try to help you, but I don’t know how!

-Go on, damn it! It's grabbing my throat. I can't breathe, it’s bringing me to Season of Suffocation… This will be my death, this will be my Sundown, go forward, try to find the exit, don't let the Operation fail...

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