torstai 4. lokakuuta 2012

Recipe for the N-beat

What happens when you close drummer Ilkka, Mapexes and überführer Jarno in a small room for three days? Well, you'll get grooving beats, fast fills and solid performance! Ilkka has delivered some true N-beat which suits extremely well our new material. Ranging from blast beat to brush jazz, new songs are full of great variety of beats and styles. Ilkka is, of course, very pleased: "Bloody great stuff, innit!"

Mapex by night a.k.a. the tools of the N-beat.

Everything has gone smoothly, which is nice. We are right on the schedule, and Hannu will begin spreading some low-end bassism on Thursday. As time runs towards weekend, Tuukka and Ville are sharpening their shredding nails for the guitar recordings. Stay tuned!

A delicacy for the studio epicureans: Traditional Finnish mincemeat-macarone-box.

 Here's a clip of Ilkka's solid drumming:

Stay tuned!

- Hannu and Ilkka

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